Colombia is Passion transcrip

This is the way my country looks from the outside. Now I

want you to see it from the inside. Because this is how you would really get


know, who we are, how we act and what we dream!

Because if there is something we colombians actually

are is dreamers and.... if this is a magical country.... full of colors,

flavors, places, GOOD PEOPLE.... MANY, MANY GOOD PEOPLE !!

People who

make art falling in love with the rythm of accordions, people who bring us glory

in sports, sweethearts, friends, children, we colombians are ordinary people,

people with problems, but who are known the less consider to be amongs the

happiest under the sun!

It takes a full year to get acquainted with

all of our festivasl and celebrations because we have one for every single day

of the year. The Barranquilla Carnival, the Cali Fair, the International Book

Fair, Rock at the Park, Colombiamoda, the Iberoamerican Theater Festival wich by

the way it´s the biggest one in the world.

All this shows that there is

more to this country that meets the eye! .... There are oceans, beaches, all

posible climates any time of the year, spanish colonial architecture, modern

architecture, handcrafts for expert, there is progress, exquisite coffee,

countless beautiful women and orchids.

We have art... just think of

Master Fernando Botero´s Art... the man who has made the world love the chubbie

ones... We have musicians... see Juanes.. a grammy winner... one of the world´s

top sellers.

Shakira the girl, entires countries have falling in love

with her songs and her dance moves. Carlos Vives the only performer who has

scaled up... with the vallenatto and rock mix. People in sports, see Juan pablo

montoya... our F1 driver, see Camilo Villegas... such impeccable swing, such

impecable attire, we have writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez... Nobel Price

Winner. We have actors, this are just a tiny fraction of all talented

colombians. Because there are many more... we have them all.

And all of

them share one thing... passion, passion for life, for family, for nature and

passion for peace!! Perhaps now you will think diferently about my country,

because what I have just showed you reflects who we truly are.... Colombia is

all about colombians !!... that´s why Colombia is Passion!